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Tutti Fruity (Private-Network)

Tutti Fruity (Private-Network)

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Hello WORLD: My name is Tal Dahabani, Founder, Strawberry and serial entrepreneur, motivated by the love of creation.

A-Team: But it's not just me. I sourced out the ripest team for the job, a team who I believe are exactly who is required to help build this dream of taking Frutiz Island into the Fruitiverse.

The Dream is to create the next Disney Cocomelon company with a blend of highly talented individual creators using the most advanced technologies of animation, social media, marketing, AI copywriting, imaging software, and more. 

Collaborative Brand: Join us by holding 1 of our 111 limited NFTs within the collection, and be a part of the start of this Movement, Venture and Jukebox. We want you to join as a design partner, artist, marketing wizard, merchandise seller, investor, advisor, or wherever you wish to help shape the future of The Frutiz!

So, here's the plan: We're hosting a cocktail party event in Tel Aviv and hoping to lure some of the top fruit heads from across the Island, for a little fundraiser. In which 100% of the Funds will go directly for creating the first Frutiz kids song, with the aim to knock 'Baby Shark' off the youtube map, that you will own a stake.

🏖 The First Frutiz Cocktail Event 🏖 

The Frutiz events are exclusive to members only.
Invitations will be sent to all Tutti Fruity strawberry holders 🍓

Where: Tel-Aviv rooftop  
When: 01.10.2022
Time: 17:00 Sunset Party

Limited & Exclusive - 111 Strawberries 1 Per Person (Verification ensured)

Price: 🍓 Ξ0.2 ($250)


⏲️ Timeframe ⏲️

* Minting Day - 24.09.22 - To mint the NFT, the owner must claim the NFT by the link supplied within the email.

* Reveal Day - 29.09.22 - The BIG day has arrived.  1 of 111 Tutti Fruity's NFT will be revealed to the owner through an automatic, fair, generated raffle.

* Frutiz Beach Club - 01.10.22 - TLV Event (Invitation will be sent to your email)

Be ensured to keep up to date with the latest Frutiz releases. 

Will we see you at the Frutiz Beach Club?



You’re Fruity Beauty 🍌 

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