How it all started?

How it all started?

One day, a genius scientist was working on a new potion in his laboratory. He was so focused on his work that he didn’t notice when some of the potion spilled onto his fruits that he had picked from the garden.

Suddenly, the fruits came to life! The first fruit to speak was Tutti, the strawberry. "What's going on?" he asked. "I feel like I'm alive!"

Banani, the banana, was next. "Me too!" she said. "This is amazing!"

Nessi, the pineapple, was the third to wake up. "I feel like I could dance all day!" he said.

Mengi, the mango, was next. "I feel so sweet!" she said. "This is the best feeling ever!"

Booki, the avocado, was the fifth to wake up. "I feel so different," he said.

Coco, the coconut, was the last to wake up. "What's happening?" he asked. "I feel strong"

Carry, the carrot, was the last to wake up "I feel like I could do anything!"

The genius scientist was amazed. He had never seen anything like it before! The fruits were alive and they were all different! Tutti, Banani, Nessi, Mengi, Booki, Coco, and Carry were all excited to be alive. They all wanted to explore the world and see what they could do! The scientist was happy to have created such amazing creatures. He knew that they would change the world forever!

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