About Me

About Me

My name is Tal Dahabani aka Tuttifruity.eth, a founder and serial entrepreneur,  motivated by the love of creation. My journey started at 18, when I first learned of the rapid growth of the gaming industry. For a young creator who knew nothing about creating mobile games, all I had to do was make a decision, and that decision was to go for it, to start by building.

Game 1 was downloaded by 10,000 users. It was necessary for me to learn how to code, design, add music, and sounds to create a great experience. Game 2 I had 50,000 downloads. What kept me motivated was seeing people actually enjoy my games. 250,000 downloads at game 3, I realized I was onto something. 2 million for  game 4, and 8 million for game 5 topping the US Appstore for a month. That game was about Miley Cyrus flying with her tongue through hammer and a wrecking ball 🔨 😆 (Flappy Bird Kinda Game). Over 4 years I created more than 10 games downloaded by more than 12M gamers over the world. And this same energy I want to build the next generation of children friendly games to be the entertainment and education that our children deserve.

My journey continued when I was 24, Founding Shake It, a Health brand that specializes in producing pre-portioned mixes of fruits with superfoods for making healthy and satisfying smoothies in a minute. 7 different flavors, 7 different colors, Each one for every day of the week because my mom always taught me to vary the colors of the fruits and vegetables I eat, in order to get all the benefits mother nature can provide. The same way In which I build companies and communities, and the reason I look out here for all of you to join me. Within the first two years, Shake it has distributed more than 3 million fruit mix kits to hotels, supermarkets, kiosks, and through our online store. Incorporating the same fruit characters that feature in our Collection. Shake It would love to bring additional value in creating the Fruitiverse.

Seeing how history repeats itself, Ethereum will shine from the NFT sector, just like Apple did from the gaming industry.

I can't remain indifferent, I must act.

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