🍓111 Tutti Fruity Raffle 24.09.22

🍓111 Tutti Fruity Raffle 24.09.22

Having seen some of the Biggest creative universes come together over the past number of Decades, I stand alone an Isolated Strawberry on a Paradise Island, Dreaming of creating the Next Disneyland for all to visit, but Im out here feeling Fruitful looking for others to join me in building this vision.  Using the most advanced technologies that became in house tools of mine, from Animation Studios, Marketing Wizards & Ai story generetor Software. We aim to create a collective team of Fresh, Vibrant Skills with ideas to push new content out into the world for our future generations, and Take Baby Shark off the Charts with our Fruit Salad of Songs.

Every Good Moment starts with a Dream, I invite you to join mine*** what about ours?, as fellow fruit, design partners, Animators, Merchandise Creators, and maybe even the voice of our next Hit!.

You will be able to suggest the future of the frutiz characters, from the story to animation, from selling merchandise to our marketing proposals, you can do whatever you want, you are the owner! And obviously expect many invites to Private Events across the Islands, Gifts and Giveaways. If I have yet to  share  with you already yet but we own a Smoothie Bar on the Island too!

So Heres the plan, Im hosting a Cocktail party and hoping to lure some of the Top Fruitheads from across the Island, for a little Fundraiser, in which 100% of the Funds will go directly to creating the first Frutiz Kids Song, in an aim to Knock Baby Shark off the youtube map, to which you will own a stake!

You wouldn’t be just funding a song, but owning a life time stake in a a vibrant local community that will be building to creating more content with equal ownership for all. Like this Journey Started, I want to build an Fruitiverse, not just a Song, but it all starts will one very addictive catchy statement, and of course your 5-a-day.

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